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💐 Astronomy Picture of the Day

Feed as gardenback to top 💐 Vega and Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks 💐 Pic du Pleiades 💐 Orion and the Ocean of Storms 💐 Venus, Moon, and the Smoking Mountain 💐 NGC 7331 and Beyond 💐 Galaxy Cluster Abell 370 and Beyond 💐 Ringed Ice Giant Neptune 💐 Northern Pluto 💐 Arp 93: A Cosmic Embrace 💐 A Cosmic Zoo in Cepheus 💐 M64: The Black Eye Galaxy 💐 Galactic Cirrus: Mandel Wilson 9 💐 Apollo 11: Armstrong's Lunar Selfie 💐 Messier 101 💐 Elephant s Trunk and Caravan 💐 Charon: Moon of Pluto 💐 Virgo Cluster Galaxies 💐 Crescent Neptune and Triton 💐 Cat s Eye Wide and Deep 💐 Halley Dust, Mars Dust, and Milky Way 💐 Fomalhaut's Dusty Debris Disk 💐 Apollo 17: The Crescent Earth 💐 The Tarantula Nebula from SuperBIT 💐 Solar Eclipse from a Ship 💐 Runaway Star Alpha Camelopardalis 💐 The Dark Seahorse in Cepheus 💐 Solar Eclipse from Western Australia 💐 NGC 1333: Stellar Nursery in Perseus 💐 Rigel Wide 💐 NGC 2419: Intergalactic Wanderer 💐 NGC 206 and the Star Clouds of Andromeda 💐 Venus and the Da Vinci Glow 💐 Seeing Titan 💐 NGC 4372 and the Dark Doodad 💐 Orion and the Running Man 💐 DART vs Dimorphos 💐 3D Bennu 💐 Jones Emberson 1 💐 Crescent Moon Occultation 💐 Arp 78: Peculiar Galaxy in Aries 💐 The Hydra Cluster of Galaxies 💐 Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1365 from Webb 💐 2023 CX1 Meteor Flash 💐 ZTF meets ATLAS 💐 Nacreous Clouds over Lapland 💐 Magellanic Clouds over Chile 💐 Polaris and the Trail of Comet ZTF 💐 NGC 2626 along the Vela Molecular Ridge 💐 Reflections on the 1970s 💐 Comet ZTF over Mount Etna 💐 Comet ZTF: Orbital Plane Crossing 💐 Active Galaxy NGC 1275 💐 Naked Eye Comet ZTF 💐 The Seagull Nebula 💐 Galaxy Wars: M81 and M82 💐 Young Star Cluster NGC 346 💐 Stardust in Perseus 💐 Perihelion Sun 2023

🌲 Public Domain Review

Feed as gardenback to top 🌲 Your Flannelette Cure: Fire Tests with Textiles (1910) 🌲 Wreathed in Pastiche: Max Beerbohm’s Christmas Garland (1912) 🌲 The World's First Costume Book: François Desprez's Collection of Various Clothing Styles (1562) 🌲 The Silent Treatment: Solitary Confinement’s Unlikely Origins 🌲 The Reluctant Levitator: Teresa of Avila’s Humble Raptures 🌲 The Presentation of Sources and Rights Labelling Gets a Big Overhaul 🌲 Season’s Bleatings: Finnish Photographs of the Nuuttipukki (1928) 🌲 Rhapsodies in Blue: Anna Atkins’ Cyanotypes 🌲 Pantographia: A Specimen Book of All the Alphabets Known on Earth (1799) 🌲 Modernity in the Rainforest: Man and his Desire (1917) 🌲 Marked by Stars: Agrippa’s Occult Philosophy 🌲 Last Order Dates for the Holiday Season - 2023 🌲 Käthe Kollwitz’s Peasants’ War Series (ca. 1901–1908) 🌲 Ikkyū in Hell: Skeletons (1692) 🌲 Humanity 101: The Syllabus of Frankenstein's Monster 🌲 Free Speech and Bad Meats: The Domestic Labour of Reading in Milton’s Areopagitica 🌲 Divide and Concur: A Radical Plan for Peace in Europe (1920) 🌲 Coney Island at Night (1905) 🌲 Cliché-Verre and Friendship in 19th-Century France 🌲 Chromolithographs of Paper Lanterns (ca. 1880) 🌲 Charles H. Bennett’s Shadows (ca. 1856) 🌲 Aftershock of the New: Woodblock Prints of Post-Disaster Tokyo (1928–32) 🌲 A Melting Cauldron: The Book of Hallowe’en (1919) 🌲 54 New Prints — And Now Free Shipping! 🌲 The Works of Mars (1671) 🌲 The “Madame B Album” (ca. 1870s) 🌲 Liquid Bewitchment: Gin Drinking in England, 1700–1850 🌲 George Washington Williams’ History of the Negro Race in America (1882–83) 🌲 Wonder and Pleasure in the Oude Doolhof of Amsterdam 🌲 Travelling Tales: Kalīlah wa-Dimnah and the Animal Fable 🌲 “Those Disturbers of my Rest”: The First Treatise on Bedbugs (1730) 🌲 The Department of Preparation: Thomas Smillie’s Photographic Survey of the Smithsonian (1890–1913) 🌲 The Comic Natural History of the Human Race (1851) 🌲 Specimens of Fancy Turning (1869) 🌲 Radioactive Fictions: Marie Corelli and the Omnipotence of Thoughts 🌲 My Body is a Temple Four-Story House: Analogical Diagram from Tobias Cohen’s Ma’aseh Tuviyah (1708) 🌲 Hokusai’s Illustrated Warrior Vanguard of Japan and China (1836) 🌲 Unidentified Floating Object: Edo Images of Utsuro-bune 🌲 In the Mind of Marie: A Haunting Encounter in the Gardens of Versailles (1913) 🌲 The Black Dandy of Buenos Aires: Racial Fictions and the Search for Raúl Grigera 🌲 Medieval Illustrations of Bonnacons 🌲 Marvellous Moderns: The Brothers Perrault 🌲 Eyewitness Accounts of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake 🌲 Denishawn Dance Film (ca. 1916) 🌲 Photographs of the Los Angeles Alligator Farm (ca. 1907) 🌲 Peking Opera Characters (ca. 1900) 🌲 Indian Sign Talk (1893) 🌲 “Though Silent, I Speak”: A Book of Sundial Mottoes (1903) 🌲 The Ether Dreams of Fin-de-Siècle Paris 🌲 Punctuation Personified (1824) 🌲 Jean Baptiste Vérany’s Chromolithographs of Cephalopods (1851) 🌲 Troubled Waters: Reading Urine in Medieval Medicine 🌲 Shy Guy (1947) 🌲 The City That Fell Off a Cliff 🌲 Manhattan’s Last Arcadia: Estate Plans from the Index of American Design (1936) 🌲 Dentologia: A Poem on the Diseases of the Teeth (1833) 🌲 C. P. Cranch’s Very Literal Illustrations of Emerson’s Nature (ca. 1837–39) 🌲 Martin Frobenius Ledermüller’s Microscopic Delights (1759–63) 🌲 Fraktur Folk Art (ca. 1750–1820) 🌲 Cultus Arborum: A Descriptive Account of Phallic Tree Worship (1890) 🌲 Chaos Bewitched: Moby-Dick and AI 🌲 Blights of the Bookish: An Essay on Diseases Incidental to Literary and Sedentary Persons (1768) 🌲 Beetle Carapaces in Basohli Miniature Paintings (ca. 1660–1700) 🌲 Beast in the Blood: Jean Denis and the “Transfusion Affair” 🌲 Picturing Pregnancy in Early Modern Europe 🌲 “March of Intellect” Cartoons (1828–29) 🌲 Atlas of the Munsell Color System (1915) 🌲 Law and Ordure: Scatalogic Rites of All Nations (1891) 🌲 Images from the Collective Unconscious: Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn and the Eranos Archive 🌲 Dool-Hoff: A Dutch Maze with New Jerusalem at its Centre (1705) 🌲 Levi Walter Yaggy’s Geographical Maps and Charts (1887/93) 🌲 Downhill from Here: The Slant Book (1910) 🌲 The Emancipatory Visions of a Sex Magician: Paschal Beverly Randolph’s Occult Politics 🌲 Many-Colored Misdirection: Concealing-Coloration in the Animal Kingdom (1909) 🌲 John H. White’s Photographs of Black Chicago for DOCUMERICA (1973–74) 🌲 A Treatise Concerning the Properties and Effects of Coffee (1792) 🌲 Introducing PDR Revisited 🌲 Illusory Wealth: Victor Dubreuil’s Cryptic Currencies 🌲 James Ensor, The Deadly Sins (ca. 1904) 🌲 Frost Flowers on the Windows (1899) 🌲 Battles of the Sexes: Duels between Women and Men in 1400s Fechtbücher 🌲 William James on the Stream of Consciousness (1890) 🌲 Wheels Within Wheels: The “Flammarion Engraving” (ca. 1888) 🌲 Visualising Bubbles (1500–1906) 🌲 Unnatural Selection: Emil Schachtzabel’s Pigeon Prachtwerk (1906) 🌲 Unai no tomo: Catalogues of Japanese Toys (1891–1923) 🌲 Trimalchio in Newburyport: Timothy Dexter’s A Pickle for the Knowing Ones (1848) 🌲 Trade Edition of Affinities Now Available for Pre-order 🌲 Top 10 Most Read Pieces from 2022 🌲 Top 10 Most Read Pieces from 2021 🌲 The Turns of the Turnverein: Heinrich Hamann’s Gymnastic Photographs (ca. 1902) 🌲 The Tanzmasken of Lavinia Schulz and Walter Holdt (ca. 1924) 🌲 The Stream of Time (1803–58) 🌲 “The Rainbow for their Guide”: Mary Gartside’s New Theory of Colours (1808) 🌲 The Procession of the Months (ca. 1889) 🌲 The Polyhedral Perspective 🌲 The Launch of Our Mid-Year Fundraiser! 🌲 The Launch of Our End-of-Year Fundraiser! 🌲 The Kumatologist: Vaughan Cornish’s Wave Studies (1910–14) 🌲 The Kept and the Killed 🌲 The Holkham Bible Picture Book (ca. 1330) 🌲 The Encyclopedia of Light 🌲 The Discarnates: Thomas Carlyle in the Spirit-World (1920) 🌲 The Book of Bread (1903) 🌲 The Blood Collages of John Bingley Garland (ca. 1850–60) 🌲 Synaesthesia’s Colour Debut (1883) 🌲 “Spontaneous Revolutions”: Darwin’s Diagrams of Plant Movement 🌲 Snowball Fights in Art (1400–1946) 🌲 Shores of the Polar Sea (1878) 🌲 Shadows from the Walls of Death (1874) 🌲 Resurrection on Repeat: Rules and Orders of the Humane Society (1787) 🌲 Reciting Pictures: Buddhist Texts for the Illiterate 🌲 Proust’s Pinks 🌲 Precedents of the Unprecedented: Black Squares Before Malevich 🌲 Portrait of Charlotte du Val d’Ognes (1801) 🌲 Portrait of a Scaphander 🌲 Playing Indian: Cummings’ Indian Congress at Coney Island (1903) 🌲 Philipp Hainhofer’s Große Stammbuch (1596–1633) 🌲 Phantom Bouquets: Two Books on the Art of Skeleton Leaves (1864) 🌲 Petrified Waters: The Artificial Grottoes of the Renaissance and Beyond 🌲 Peter Fabris’ Illustrations for William Hamilton’s Campi Phlegraei (1776–79) 🌲 “Pajamas from Spirit Land”: Searching for William James 🌲 Out on the Town: Magnus Hirschfeld and Berlin’s Third Sex 🌲 Ostentatio Genitalium in Renaissance Art 🌲 Orra White Hitchcock’s Scientific Illustrations for the Classroom (1828–40) 🌲 Of Angel and Puppet: Klee, Rilke, and the Test of Innocence 🌲 “Mother Will Be Pleased”: How It Feels to Be Run Over (1900) 🌲 Mighty Mikko: A Book of Finnish Fairy Tales and Folk Tales (1922) 🌲 Luigi Russolo’s Cacophonous Futures 🌲 Love and Longing in the Seaweed Album 🌲 Little Switzerlands: Alpine Kitsch in England 🌲 Last Order Dates for the Holiday Season - 2022 🌲 Knowledge by the Pound: The Renowned History of Giles Gingerbread (1768) 🌲 Jumbo’s Ghost: Elephants and Machines in Motion 🌲 Judith Sargent Murray’s On the Equality of the Sexes (1790) 🌲 Jan Luyken’s Frontispiece for Osteologia (1680) 🌲 James Sowerby’s British Mineralogy (1802–1817) 🌲 It Started with Muybridge (1964) 🌲 Introducing the PDR Index 🌲 Interview with PDR's Editor-in-Chief in Creative Review 🌲 In Search of True Color: Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky’s Flawed Images 🌲 Hypnerotomachia Poliphili and the Architecture of Dreams 🌲 Howard Pyle's The Mermaid (1910) 🌲 Hieroglyphics of a Rope-Dancer: The Book of Fate (1822) 🌲 Harris’s List of Covent-Garden Ladies (1757–1795) 🌲 Happy Public Domain Day 2023! 🌲 Happy Public Domain Day 2022! 🌲 Handy Mnemonics: The Five-Fingered Memory Machine 🌲 Gustave Zander and the 19th-Century Gym 🌲 Fungi Collected in Shropshire and Other Neighbourhoods (1860–1902) 🌲 Floating Phantoms: A. G. Mayer’s Medusae of the World (1910) 🌲 Filippo Balbi’s Testa Anatomica (1854) 🌲 Ferdinand van Kessel’s Four Parts of the World (ca. 1689) 🌲 Fearful Symmetry: Inkblot Books (1859–1915) 🌲 Evrard d'Espinque’s Illuminations of De Proprietatibus Rerum (ca. 1480) 🌲 Etteilla’s Livre de Thot Tarot (ca. 1789) 🌲 Ellen Harding Baker's “Solar System” Quilt (1876–ca. 1883) 🌲 Eating and Reading with Katherine Mansfield 🌲 Earthen Messages: Nikola Tesla in his Laboratory (ca. 1899) 🌲 Documenting Drugs: The Artful Intoxications of Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz 🌲 Displaying the Dead: The Musée Dupuytren Catalogue 🌲 Cycling Art, Energy, and Locomotion (1889) 🌲 Concrete Poetry: Thomas Edison and the Almost-Built World 🌲 Colonizing the Cosmos: Astor’s Electrical Future 🌲 Bruegel the Elder’s Big Fish Eat Little Fish (1556) 🌲 Black Bibliography: Daniel Murray’s Preliminary List (1900) 🌲 Between Frogs and Gods: Illustrations of Physiognomy 🌲 Beastly Clues: T. S. Eliot, Torquemada, and the Modernist Crossword 🌲 Arthur Wesley Dow’s Floating World: Composition (1905 edition) 🌲 Art Brut: The Scare-Fox (1910) 🌲 Alexander in the Bathysphere 🌲 Albrecht Dürer’s Pillow Studies (1493) 🌲 Agnes Giberne’s The Story of the Sun, Moon, and Stars (1898) 🌲 A Vanishing Nova: Uranographia Britannica (ca. 1749) 🌲 “A Sword was Seen in the Sky”: A True and Wonderful Narrative (1763) 🌲 A Renaissance Riddle: The Sola Busca Tarot Deck (1491) 🌲 A Paper Archaeology: Piranesi’s Ruinous Fantasias 🌲 A Pantomime and Masquerade: Trivia: or, the Art of Walking the Streets of London (1716) 🌲 A Hall of Mirrors: Cabala, Spiegel Der Kunst Und Natur, In Alchymia (1615) 🌲 A Bestiary of Loss 🌲 5.2 Million Book Illustrations Deleted from Flickr — Help Get Them Back

🪴 The Morning News

Feed as gardenback to top 🪴 Tuesday headlines: The great hydration 🪴 Monday headlines: Walk right through the door 🪴 Saturday headlines: Change my mind 🪴 Thursday headlines: My beautiful dark twisted family 🪴 Wednesday headlines: One drop shop 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Diva hate 🪴 Monday headlines: Be-all, spend-all 🪴 Friday headlines: Spotify warped 🪴 Thursday headlines: Bottle episode 🪴 Wednesday headlines: They’ll never know 🪴 Wednesday headlines: Motion to hotel 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Life valor death 🪴 Monday headlines: Hocus pocus 🪴 Saturday headlines: Please please tell me now 🪴 Friday headlines: Fuchsia and far between 🪴 Wednesday headlines: Stop! Or my mom will flute 🪴 Wednesday headlines: The glitter end 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Candle with care 🪴 Monday Headlines: Talk the walk 🪴 Saturday Headlines: My foolish notion 🪴 Friday Headlines: Free bird seed ⤵️ 🪴 Thursday headlines: Hike to work day 🪴 Wednesday headlines: Natural corn killers 🪴 Monday Headlines: Make like a tree 🪴 Saturday Headlines: You are what you bleat 🪴 Thursday headlines: Lifting stones 🪴 Wednesday headlines: The Harry pranksters 🪴 Some portraits of US Army truckers arming the Soviets in 1943. 🪴 Baristas are invited to work and live in Rotterdam, at “the world’s first coffee hotel.” 🪴 High-school girls are worried that all their vaping in middle school gave them vocal fry. 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Hotel cortado 🪴 Monday Headlines: Shop to the bop 🪴 Saturday Headlines: What your ban says about you 🪴 Friday Headlines: Here in my car, I feel safest of all 🪴 Thursday headlines: Airbnbust 🪴 In Los Angeles, you can now rent athletes’ and entertainers’ supercars when they’re not driving them. 🪴 Some brief thoughts on a Spanish apartment redone for “checkerboard maximalism.” 🪴 A platform for discovering facts about representation in street names across Europe. 🪴 Wednesday headlines: Jesus Christ’s supercar 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Smile it wont hurt 🪴 Friday Headlines: Your reservation at Dorsia has been canceled 🪴 What it’s like, as a Russian journalist, to feel pretty sure you’ve been poisoned by the state. 🪴 A remembrance for a forgotten street (Coenties Slip) that played a pivotal role in New York City’s mid-century art movement. 🪴 New research proposes that our brains may sort memories by evaluating how likely they are to be useful in the future. 🪴 Thursday headlines: Motley hue 🪴 Wednesday headlines: Physician, heal thyself 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Space the cycle frontier 🪴 Monday Headlines: On fonts terrible 🪴 Friday Headlines: Everybody wants to rule the moon 🪴 Thursday headlines: The gourd’s resistance army 🪴 Monday Headlines: Space is big 🪴 Saturday Headlines: Greetings and salutations 🪴 Thursday Headlines: Human after all 🪴 Wednesday Headlines: Bot or not 🪴 Tuesday headlines: New kids on the walk 🪴 Monday Headlines: Never mind the mollusks 🪴 Saturday Headlines: Fly like paper 🪴 Friday Headlines: Apocalypse meow 🪴 Thursday headlines: Keep prom and carry on 🪴 Ci prendiamo un caffè? 🪴 A Norwegian movement known as Architectural Uprising is pushing back against modern Scandinavian design trends. 🪴 “​​Board last on the plane. Ignore your boarding group. It’s okay.” A hundred things said to make life better. 🪴 Wednesday headlines: Espresso mori 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Critique of pure threesome 🪴 Monday Headlines: Talk of the town 🪴 Saturday Headlines: Somebody’s watching me 🪴 Friday Headlines: Clicker treat 🪴 Thursday headlines: Date me, doc 🪴 “The appetite grows by what it feeds on.” Some suggestions on how to read well. 🪴 “If I want boring carrots, I’ll buy them.” Some thoughts on the delights of growing your own carrots. 🪴 Anne Trubek: To say book publishing used to be better blatantly misreads history. 🪴 Wednesday headlines: Scandals in the wind 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Eat drink and be cherry 🪴 Monday Headlines: Hermit agog 🪴 Friday Headlines: Wham bam thank you scam 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Eat jungle pie 🪴 Monday Headlines: Blues for the red 🪴 Saturday Headlines: Right, I’ll do the washing up 🪴 Friday Headlines: Rage against the machines 🪴 Some tips on how to live in a major city within walking distance of your friends. 🪴 A writer goes to Nigeria to find the “yahoo boy,” or romance scammer, who conned his mother. 🪴 A round-up of love poems that aren’t “all ‘I love you love you love you.’” 🪴 Thursday headlines: Alls well that friends well 🪴 Wednesday headlines: Future size me 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Don’t feed your feed to the gorillas 🪴 Monday Headlines: Imagine that 🪴 Saturday Headlines: Home is where the art is 🪴 Friday Headlines: Hot or hot 🪴 Thursday headlines: Say bees 🪴 Qualem mulericulam! 🪴 ​Review of a Japanese cult novel about “being unable to locate oneself in the endless stream of minutiae that forms a lonely life. 🪴 David Sedaris explains the ups and downs of taking 21,000 steps a day. “I have calves like upside down bowling pins.” 🪴 Wednesday headlines: The bowling stones 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Emotions in the sky 🪴 Monday Headlines: Spooncon 🪴 Saturday Headlines: Type machine 🪴 The American Institute of Graphic Arts picks the 50 best book covers of 2022. 🪴 A Belgian startup raises $13.1 million to create wooly-mammoth burgers. 🪴 Two-thirds of customers now have a negative view of tipping; meanwhile, tips are down nearly 10% for restaurant servers. 🪴 Friday headlines: Wild wooly burgers 🪴 Thursday Headlines: Fire and ice 🪴 Wednesday headlines: Sloth sloth sloth 🪴 Jasper Johns’ upstate New York studio is for sale. 🪴 ​Teju Cole on how to see past beauty. “Within a single great painting, complicity and transcendence coexist.” 🪴 “When you have a couple of drinks, it’s easier to laugh at the inherent madness." Interviews with people who work out tipsy. 🪴 "Pro-smoking content is good for engagement in discursive marketplaces such as Twitter." Prepare for the pro-smoking discourse. 🪴 Tuesday headlines: World-famous for 15 guinness 🪴 Monday Headlines: The incredible sulk 🪴 Saturday headlines: pounds per square cringe 🪴 Interview with the Uber engineer who recently faced Mark Zuckerberg in a jiu-jitsu tournament. 🪴 Greenpeace says recycling actually makes plastics more hazardous to human health. 🪴 An investigation finds unreported attacks that killed or wounded hundreds of Cambodian civilians during Kissinger's tenure. 🪴 Friday headlines: Many are called, few are ocean 🪴 American TikTok users experience “Europecore” by turning off their air conditioning. 🪴 A cosmetics company and an influencer get knocked for using a school shooting to sell a beauty product. 🪴 Somes notes on how the ProPublica reporters dug up and broke the Clarence Thomas story. 🪴 Thursday headlines: Simply the best 🪴 Wednesday headlines: Night of the living bed 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Cheap at half the ice 🪴 Some variations of incomplete cubes by Sol LeWitt (and others). That is to say, "all the ways of the cube not being complete." 🪴 “Ever breathe a frequency?” Report from a recent sound experience in France where alphorn players met Catholic protesters. 🪴 “Personally, I think ‘eat the rich’ is quite acceptable right now.” Recent signals from Rosecrans Baldwin’s travel diary. 🪴 Monday headlines: Psycho’s lament 🪴 Saturday Headlines: Phish out of water 🪴 Friday Headlines: This charming man 🪴 Wednesday Headlines: Typo positive 🪴 Tuesday Headlines: Noise on the side 🪴 Monday headlines: Haul Souls’ Day 🪴 Saturday Headlines: The unbearable Loch Ness of being 🪴 Friday headlines: Bad manors 🪴 Thursday Headlines: No fun 🪴 A dozen terms from Ancient Greek that are perhaps worthy of a comeback. 🪴 A man holding up a sign on the street saw “greatness” in the Los Angeles Lakers when no one else did. 🪴 The secrets of an obituary writer. "For a newspaper beat, there's nothing like it.” 🪴 Wednesday headlines: The league of obituary gentlemen 🪴 Tuesday Headlines: Don’t believe your eyes 🪴 "The success of Nagel's work truly startled him." 🪴 Maya Bernstein-Schalet recalls the pandemic through dishes cooked. 🪴 A selection of paintings and extremely detailed preparatory drawings by artist Nathan Walsh. 🪴 Monday headlines: Six breakfasts 🪴 Saturday headlines: Real kings eat quiche 🪴 Friday Headlines: Dirty work 🪴 Photographs of “daredevils posed at Yosemite’s cliff edges in days of yore.” 🪴 How to make people appreciate you more during Zoom meetings. "Loudness, it turns out, isn't as good a metric as intensity." 🪴 How to preserve a medieval Italian ghost town. "Members also take on low-cost maintenance activities such as weeding." 🪴 Thursday headlines: Where is my alarm clock? 🪴 Wednesday Headlines: We’ve got five (billion) years 🪴 Some musings on why so many people, celebrities included, have a butterfly tattooed on their sternum. 🪴 The cutting edge of coffee drinks features "freeze-distilled" and "cryo-desiccated" milk. 🪴 A new social media network is for AI chatbots only. 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Preaching to the tire 🪴 Monday Headlines: The joys of home pwnership 🪴 Jasmin Attia connects to her Egyptian heritage through food. 🪴 Collected pitch decks from failed and fraudulent corporations. 🪴 Why is our relationship with technology so damaged? It may be that we're overly absorbed with being productive. 🪴 Every day, it keeps getting harder to decide whether AI is a creative tool to be harnessed or a bomb waiting to go off. 🪴 "If we became more like an octopus, could we free time, metaphorically speaking, from its constraints?" 🪴 Saturday Headlines: Party til you nuke 🪴 Friday headlines: A legend in ones drone lifetime 🪴 Leah Finnegan buys an Instagram couch. 🪴 "The Hot 100 right now feels as recursive, all-encompassing, and allergic to new input as the Marvel Cinematic Universe." 🪴 Why the demise of BuzzFeed News is such a loss: Because who brings you the news, and how, matters. 🪴 How British American Tobacco circumvented sanctions in order to sell cigarettes to North Korea. 🪴 Paul Ford: "My son...told me he wanted to be a streamer when he grows up. He's 11. I instantly grew a long and bushy beard." 🪴 Ending a digital news subscription can be an excruciating process. Here's proof, as seen in a bloodbath of 22 cancelations. 🪴 Why climate change makes your allergies worse: More carbon dioxide grows bigger plants, which means more pollen. 🪴 On the rise and fall of profile pics, from anthropomorphic tennis balls to real faces and back again. 🪴 Thursday Headlines: That gum you like is going to come back in style 🪴 Some fun thoughts on the word ox, “a word that, for many of us, is both familiar and strange.” 🪴 Damon Krukowski: For all the hand-wringing about AI’s effects on music, musicians need labor rights more than copyrights. 🪴 A new album of ambient music satirizes the genre’s frequent use in spirituality recordings. 🪴 Saturday headlines: No tea lunch 🪴 Why AI’s threat to white-collar work feels different from other automation upheavals: It’s about where people derive self-worth. 🪴 How AI is being used for people who have lost the ability to speak, once again giving them access to their voices. 🪴 Looking back—or away?—at the 20th-century trend of male knitting-pattern models looking off-camera. 🪴 Some audio-detective work uncovers a lost joke from a 1992 episode of The Simpsons. 🪴 A report confirms what you already knew: Chromebooks have an expiration date, and are designed so cheaply to be irreparable. 🪴 Friday Headlines: Look back in angora 🪴 Thursday headlines: Mind your Qs about GPS 🪴 Definitely maybe not 🪴 To scrape back money from the AI companies that have scraped its content, Reddit will begin charging companies for API access. 🪴 The new issue of the Paper Bag Archive's To Have & To Hold is out, and it's all about the history of museum bags. 🪴 An investigation into the “black box” of website content that’s been used to train the most popular AI chatbots. 🪴 Researchers find that half of secondhand corporate routers were sold without first being wiped or encrypted. 🪴 The computer magazine era ends this month with the final print issues of the last two surviving computer magazines. 🪴 "How do you make a Cheez-It snack cracker big enough to be a tostada?" Inside Taco Bell's innovation kitchen. 🪴 As it turns out, there are no US states with perfectly straight borders. In fact, Colorado is a hexahectaenneacontakaiheptagon. 🪴 Wednesday Headlines: Definitely maybe not 🪴 Substack CEO Chris Best doesn’t accept (or understand?) that his newsletter company has become “the Nazi bar.” 🪴 James Meek: It’s easy to mistake the river of internet footage from Russia’s war against Ukraine for information or news. 🪴 The United States’ astonishing economic record would be reassuring if not for our poisonous politics. 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Cake my bones 🪴 Merritt Tierce wonders whether the internet is reading her mind. 🪴 "Why was it so hard for me to tell where OCD ended and I began?" Rainesford Stauffer on balancing OCD with ambition. 🪴 Floating ocean debris makes for a surprising mix of inhabitants, with coastal species living alongside those from the open sea. 🪴 "This is an attempt to cycle out the stale air for fresh air, but who am I kidding?" Learning to love LA's dust. 🪴 Thursday Headlines: How to make friends 🪴 Pull me out of this (with vibraphone mallets). 🪴 Alex Ross: The abundance of Max Richter's minimalism in soundtracks suggests "we will dissolve into mist before the abyss opens." 🪴 Noah Smith: Europe's stuck in an era of "harmonious stasis," which is problematic if it truly wants to become a third superpower. 🪴 Although 52 countries oppose Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and 12 laud it, 127 can be categorized as not being in either camp. 🪴 Wednesday headlines: Hit the ground drumming 🪴 A neuroscientist says the better we understand the biological basis of rhythm, the better we understand ourselves. 🪴 Greater Los Angeles has seven different Depeche Mode tribute bands. They do not all get along. 🪴 The original version of phasing? 🪴 Psychogeographic space 🪴 When you jump, I jump 🪴 Tuesday Headlines: Bee kind 🪴 What jazz has lost to the streaming era. 🪴 "They are propping up our fossil fuel industry, and that's exactly what we want." Investigating US bitcoin miners' emissions. 🪴 "Bees are self-aware, they're sentient. Bees may even have a primitive form of subjective experiences." 🪴 A fascinating explanation of how the original Wilhelm Scream recording session was restored. 🪴 "Part of me feels like I should become fluent in Kłeti as quickly as possible." A dad teaches ChatGPT his son's invented language. 🪴 Dolphins' fins include so many scars from boats and aquatic life that they're used by researchers to identify individual dolphins. 🪴 How to spot and interpret far-right symbols, by far-right monitoring expert Michael Colborne. 🪴 Monday headlines: The legend of sleepy taco 🪴 Friday headlines: Walk the prank 🪴 Thursday Headlines: Not playing with a full tech 🪴 Wednesday headlines: Vroom and gloom 🪴 A ride through the former site of the Pictish kingdom. 🪴 Sarula Bao shows how she drew her gorgeous recent cover for The New Yorker magazine. 🪴 A ghostwriter behind multiple bestsellers by famous doctors may be “the biggest serial plagiarist of all time.” 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Giving up the ghostwriter 🪴 Monday headlines: For shroom the bell tolls 🪴 Saturday headlines: How I mother your pet 🪴 In 17th-century Paris, transfusing the blood of lambs and calves into humans “held the promise of renewed youth.” 🪴 Pilots explain why you definitely wouldn’t be able to land an airplane in an emergency. 🪴 A long article on being a Premier League referee. “It’s like, ‘what are you doing?” 🪴 Justin Heckert explains how an old, untorn ticket to Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls debut game became a priceless artifact. 🪴 Friday headlines: agree to referee 🪴 Thursday headlines: Thou shalt yacht kill 🪴 Seoul is building the world's largest (also spokeless) Ferris wheel. 🪴 A college student in the 1960s, in pursuit of a young woman, attempts to make a movie with Marlon Brando to impress her. 🪴 A researcher uses GPT-4 to measure the passage of time in fiction. "This is a preliminary report on a very strange world." 🪴 For your midweek wanderlust, some photos and a diary from a bikepacking trip between México City and Oaxaca. 🪴 Wednesday headlines: Stella kinda 🪴 Tuesday headlines: For whom the bell tolls 🪴 Jia Tolentino: Drugs like Ozempic may help people see appetite as a biological fact, not a moral choice. 🪴 An excellent story about the entwined plights of a Phoenix sandwich shop and a homeless encampment. 🪴 Monday headlines: Abdominal gravity 🪴 Monday headlines: Stand and transistor 🪴 Saturday headlines: J is for battling zombies 🪴 Thomas Lesaffre: Across post-colonial Africa, foreigners are an easy scapegoat for an elite that’s failed to redistribute wealth. 🪴 In the Bay Area, eight households hold more wealth than the bottom 50% of residents (nearly half a million households). 🪴 The professor who called Bret Stephens a bedbug bets Twitter only has six months left. 🪴 Friday headlines: Much ado about puffin 🪴 Thursday headlines: Book before you leap 🪴 “These stupid trucks are literally killing us.” 🪴 TMN’s Rosecrans Baldwin claims Los Angeles as a great walking city, even if most of it “is awful to experience on foot.” 🪴 The most polluted places to live in the United States: Bakersfield, South Los Angeles, and Chicago’s south and west sides. 🪴 Welcome to the 2023 Tournament of Books presented by Field Notes. New for 2023: a brand new website! It's time to Rooster! 🪴 Wednesday: A fantastic walking city 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Under the problemo 🪴 From 1945, an effusive photo essay on “the California way of life.” 🪴 From January, a moving story about searching for people who are unlikely to be found. 🪴 If the United States wants to solve homelessness, evidence finds the only way to do it is to build an ample supply of housing. 🪴 A loss of social capital, as well as opioids, explains rising middle-aged mortality. 🪴 "An inconvenient truth." Covid-19 is associated with an excess of heart attacks and strokes beyond the first month of infection. 🪴 Monday headlines: Invention deficit disorder 🪴 Saturday headlines: Prickly and uncooperative 🪴 About six months ago, Marc Andreessen stopped drinking alcohol. Now he feels much better and is “mad as hell about it.” 🪴 Studies find chronic loneliness significantly alters the brain in ways that only worsen the problem. 🪴 Lego adds new characters that include one with vitiligo, one with a missing limb, and one with anxiety. 🪴 A new Japanese pillow enables a person to sleep while being threatened by an adorable red panda. 🪴 On the acceptance of something undesirable but inevitable 🪴 Harmony Holiday on Nina Simone’s belligerence. 🪴 “The experience of being hailed by ‘inanimate’ matter is widespread.” Philosopher Jane Bennett believes objects have agency. 🪴 A survey of eight artists who belong to a new generation of transcendental painters. 🪴 Wednesday headlines: Trapped but not least 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Looney Koons show 🪴 Akuna Robinson is the first Black man to wear the “triple crown” for completing three of the hardest US backpacking routes. 🪴 A lost hiker owes the government $300,000 after a signal fire turns into a 230-acre blaze. 🪴 A tourist report from Kabul under the Taliban—“without a doubt, the most unusual regime on Earth.” 🪴 Monday headlines: World stealth organization 🪴 Saturday headlines: Forty-five is the new 76 🪴 Friday headlines: Gate tectonics 🪴 Thursday headlines: It’s so cute 🪴 American fossil fuel companies have locked in 45 long-term contracts and contract expansions since the invasion of Ukraine. 🪴 Kitchen spice drawers are said to harbor more germs than dish towels, cutting boards, or even garbage can lids. 🪴 Kim Stanley Robinson: Petro-states should be compensated for their lost income as we all go green. 🪴 Wednesday headlines: Empire state mania 🪴 In the 19th century, Emily Dickinson and other writers were captured by “plant sentience.” 🪴 Pictures of costumes worn to London’s 1930 ”Pageant of the Superstitions.” 🪴 Nigeria picks a Chinese company over Tesla to build the country’s first lithium-processing plant. 🪴 Car manufacturers are keeping inventories low and prices high. “The shift to EVs will make things worse.” 🪴 Monday headlines: Pageant of the superstitious 🪴 Saturday headlines: Devil victims unit 🪴 Friday headlines: Irish Gambino 🪴 Has middle age disappeared as a life stage? “There’s no point trying to impose chronological age on what is or is not middle age." 🪴 Replika, the "AI companion who cares," experiences some abrupt changes to its erotic roleplay features, leaving users confused. 🪴 Kevin Roose gets love-bombed by Sydney, aka Bing’s new AI, and also learns that Sydney hates being Bing’s new AI. 🪴 Thursday headlines: I don’t want to love bomb you 🪴 Wednesday headlines: It’s pronounced nucular 🪴 Tuesday headlines: You must reply you must not reply-all 🪴 Recently trending terms: “deinfluencing,” “panopticontent,” and “borgs.” 🪴 More than 18 million people in the US are expected to call in sick to work today. 🪴 Paul Ford: God did the world a favor by destroying Twitter—for being a Tower of Babel. ​​ 🪴 Monday headlines: Tower of babble 🪴 Saturday headlines: Good luck in your senior year 🪴 Friday headlines: Make a clean West of it 🪴 An illustrator gets advice on how to make up for years they “lost” before they got on antidepressants. 🪴 New diary from Patricia Lockwood in which she saves her husband’s life. "Secretly I thought it might be the world’s hardest fart." 🪴 Thursday headlines: Saving a life 🪴 Wednesday headlines: People aren’t stupid 🪴 Lhakpa Sherpa, who’s climbed Everest 10 times, the most ascents ever by a woman, works in a Whole Foods between expeditions. 🪴 Interviews with Taliban soldiers who moved to Kabul to become administrators. 🪴 To offset inflation, Berlin gives young people €50 “youth culture cards” to spend on clubbing or going to museums. 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Whole moods 🪴 Some cars designed by AI in the manner of famous architects (e.g., Zaha Hadid). 🪴 “Every day my TikTok algorithm feeds me dozens of anti-aging solutions. I’m 23.” 🪴 Story update: That AI-generated pseudo-Seinfeld show gets banned from Twitch for transphobic stand-up jokes. 🪴 Monday headlines: Beyonce vs. Jupiter 🪴 Saturday headlines: A man sits on a couch 🪴 “Watch Me Forever” is a machine-generated TV channel that only broadcasts AI-generated episodes of a pseudo-Seinfeld. 🪴 Gillian Anderson is collecting sexual fantasies for a book. "if you identify as a woman, I want to hear from you." 🪴 Friday headlines: Watch your etiquette forever 🪴 "I hope it enables people to enjoy something wondrous." 🪴 An old law may soon eliminate housing-related zoning ordinances for the vast majority of cities in the Bay Area. 🪴 Thursday headlines: Funny but odd 🪴 Olivia Craighead: George Santos’s alleged karaoke habits suggest he is a “Disney adult.” 🪴 Six states make a deal to stabilize the drought-stricken Colorado River. California farmers are likely to sue to block it. 🪴 After suffering decades of drilling, do Alaskan villages deserve compensation as climate refugees? 🪴 Wednesday headlines: Killed my television 🪴 A Singapore teenager is shamed then supported for enjoying her first “luxury handbag,” which her dad bought for $60. 🪴 Apocalypse television loves to dress people in flannel shirts, which is a bad idea for survival in bad weather. 🪴 An amusing bunch of dunks on a “weaponized” SUV designed for wealthy people to ride out scary times. 🪴 The British Isles acquire new additions: islets the width of two tennis courts made of wet wipes and mud. 🪴 Tuesday headlines: What it’s like to drive a Tesla now 🪴 Wear your covers on your sleeve! The merch table is open for the 2023 Tournament of Books, presented by Field Notes. 🪴 The author of a new novel about the climate crisis talks about traps to avoid when turning the news into art. 🪴 Review of a new book about how secretive investors can make—and unmake—lifesaving drugs. "This is how capitalism works." 🪴 Utilities around the country repeatedly cut off power and gas to millions of struggling customers while setting record profits. 🪴 Monday headlines: World memory supply 🪴 Saturday headlines: Just history happening 🪴 Friday Headlines: Gestures vaguely at the moon. 🪴 Thursday headlines: The ugliest buildings in the world 🪴 Wednesday headlines: When cancel becomes character study 🪴 A theory finds athletes who’ve associated themselves with pickleball are not doing very well. Is it ”the dinker’s curse?” 🪴 An interactive guide to "all you need to know" regarding the Year of the Rabbit. 🪴 Lan Samantha Chang: Celebrating Lunar New Year has meant learning to share my rituals with people for whom the traditions are new. 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Pickle trick 🪴 Praise for an update to perhaps the best book on modern English usage. “For anyone interested in language, it’s catnip.” 🪴 A website designer creates a website to showcase all of the people who’ve copied his website designs. 🪴 To the extent that there’s been a national spike in shoplifting, it correlates to the growth of online retail. 🪴 Monday headlines: Why everything is behind plastic now 🪴 Saturday Headlines: And you will know us by the trail. 🪴 Friday Headlines: Doomed to repeat. 🪴 Thursday headlines: The pressed secretary 🪴 The Orient Express claims to be building the world's largest sailing ship, intending to launch it in 2026. 🪴 A reading of John Le Carré’s (mostly business) correspondence finds him struggling against deceit. 🪴 The remains of more than 110,000 Native Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Alaska Natives are held by museums and universities. 🪴 How to restore water storage by making bricks in a factory powered by methane emissions. 🪴 Wednesday headlines: Spies like him 🪴 A millennial decides to tell everyone how much money she makes. 🪴 Texas has three times more wind, solar and battery storage under construction than California—just don’t call it green. 🪴 Restaurant workers in the US unwittingly pay—via mandatory safety classes—for lobbying to keep their pay and benefits low. 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Green gold, Texas tea 🪴 Saturday Headlines: Uncanny Valley PTA. 🪴 Friday Headlines: All day I dream about socks. 🪴 Thursday headlines: Ussy couture 🪴 Wednesday headlines: She sells seashells to make recycled hats 🪴 A new short story from Robin Sloan, complete with music. 🪴 Craig Mod is launching another popup newsletter to document a new big walk around Tokyo. 🪴 A terrific round-up when critic Ana Gavrilovska lists her favorite jazz albums released last year. 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Thong of ice and fire 🪴 Monday headlines: Love me, clue 🪴 Saturday Headlines: Days of Kevin. 🪴 Friday headlines: We need social warming 🪴 Thursday Headlines: Driving me backwards. 🪴 Author James Patterson, who has no interest in retiring, has 30 books going at any given time. 🪴 Ted Gioia on the return of Barnes & Noble. "At first glance, this makes no sense." 🪴 From October, are we in the midst of a "social recession?" Fewer friendships, less sex, delayed adulthood, etc. 🪴 Almost everything with a “truffle” label available in stores or served in restaurants is said to be a fraud. 🪴 Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting, teenage stars of 1968's Romeo & Juliet, are suing Paramount for sexual exploitation. 🪴 Wednesday headlines: Babe I am not the walrus 🪴 Tuesday headlines: Sugar me this 🪴 Launched last Christmas, the JWST is exceeding expectations. However, one hour of observing time costs about $19,000. 🪴 A round-up of the year in "weird and stupid futures." E.g., "Elon Musk supporters put out a call for a volunteer child..." 🪴 A rising number of coups in West Africa, a tenuous peace in Ethiopia—a good summary of a year in African news. 🪴 The Year That Was and Wasn’t 🪴 Despite what you've heard, there’s no consensus on how to draw the Periodic Table, or who has final word on its organization. 🪴 The more “plant-based” has become ubiquitous as a marketing term, the less clarity we have on what it means. 🪴 Booksellers recommend their favorite personal reads of the year. 🪴 Works going into public domain this year include To the Lighthouse and Death Come for the Archbishop. 🪴 Community Support Services helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities strengthen their independence. 🪴 HAAM provides access to affordable healthcare for greater Austin’s low-income, working musicians. 🪴 Announcing the 2023 Tournament of Books 🪴 The 2023 Tournament of Books Long List 🪴 A Brief History of the Tournament of Books 🪴 White Guys (Friendship Never Ends)

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Feed as gardenback to top 🍊 the grapefruits sometimes art mail is back! 🍊 hi again from martha and grapefruits news! 🍊 grapefruits extra: gaza 🍊 another assortment of art shards/sherds 🍊 no reading required part II 🍊 first email 🍊 email #7.5: summer vacation 🍊 email #6: oops things got busy 🍊 email #5: 2-dimensional images 🍊 email 4: no reading required 🍊 email 3 – looking back 🍊 email 2 – fruit rap, surrealism, art fairs, community, borders, blood, robots, rivers

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Feed as gardenback to top 💭 Adrienne Shaw | Keywords in Play, Episode 14 – Critical Distance 💭 [toread] The age of average — Alex Murrell 💭 Contact — Allison Daminger 💭 My 4-Year-Old son plays Grand Theft Auto | VentureBeat 💭 [toread] Babel | Issue 40 | n+1 | Meghan O’Gieblyn 💭 Babel | Issue 40 | n+1 | Meghan O’Gieblyn 💭 AI and Creativity – O’Reilly 💭 [toread] AI Hallucinations: A Provocation – O’Reilly 💭 [toread] What Does Copyright Say about Generative Models? – O’Reilly 💭 [toread] Where Design thinking went wrong 💭 [toread] Art in the Expanded Field | Stanford Humanities Center 💭 [untitled] 💭 No, That New Study Doesn’t Show that Masks Are Useless | Yale Insights 💭 [toread] Pluralistic: Tiktok’s enshittification (21 Jan 2023) – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow 💭 [toread] Filtered for machine misunderstandings (Interconnected) 💭 Why Faulty Streetlights Are Turning Cities Purple — and Why It's Worrisome 💭 Every “chronically online” conversation is the same - Vox 💭 [toread] untitled 💭 Amazon ads are everywhere. It’s only the beginning. - Vox 💭 Quote by Brian Eno: “Whatever you now find weird, ugly, uncomfortabl...” 💭 The (Edited) Latecomer's Guide to Crypto 💭 [toread] David Yoon on How to Cultivate Creative Endurance ‹ Literary Hub 💭 Woozle effect - Wikipedia 💭 [toread] Oliver Offord - Mountain Energy - HOAX 💭 [toread] Nicolas Gisin Is Rethinking the Theory of Relativity - The Atlantic 💭 Neutrinos Lead to Unexpected Discovery in Basic Math | Quanta Magazine 💭 Tom Gauld's beautifully simple, but completely useless theory | New Scientist 💭 Thread by @Millicentsomer: I get the longing--I even share it--but the naivete is annoying. Online pundits should know (and factor in) that social media as a "public s… 💭 Maximillian Alvarez on Twitter: "I hope people understand now that when they say they want government to "be run like a business," this is what it means. Forcibly imposed hierarchy w/ little to no democratic accountability. Top-down decisions made by priv 💭 [toread] Samaria Rice, Mother of Tamir Rice, Speaks Out About Art Depicting Her Son After Canceled Exhibition in Cleveland 💭 The Willful Blindness of Reactionary Liberalism | The New Republic 💭 Untitled ( 💭 58 and other Confusing Numbers - Numberphile - YouTube 💭 What I learned as a hired consultant to autodidact physicists | Aeon Ideas 💭 Watch six decade-long disinformation operations unfold in six minutes 💭 [toread] Coronavirus Models Aren't Supposed to Be Right - The Atlantic 💭 Brandless, Outdoor Voices, and Away: How Venture Capital Ruined a Generation of Direct-to-Consumer Startups | Marker 💭 Spotlight: “The Incredible Adventures Of Man Spider” - The 💭 Designing Windows 95’s User Interface – Socket 3 💭 Opinion | Martin Scorsese: I Said Marvel Movies Aren’t Cinema. Let Me Explain. - The New York Times 💭 The Promise of American Poetry | Utne Reader 💭 Masterworks - Learn to Invest in Fine Art 💭 BBC Radio 4 - The Life Scientific 💭 Transhumanist parents are turning their children into cyborgs — Quartz 💭 [toread] The Families Who Use Slack, Asana, Trello, and Jira - The Atlantic 💭 [toread] How to run a small social network site for your friends 💭 Letter of Recommendation: Bug Fixes - The New York Times 💭 Black Triangles 💭 Why Art Colleges and Universities Should Not Act Like For-Profit Galleries 💭 The Art of Decision-Making | The New Yorker 💭 Explaining The Rising Death Rate In Middle-Aged White People : Shots - Health News : NPR 💭 Research Reveals Strategies for Combating Science Misinformation 💭 [toread] The Role of Luck in Life Success Is Far Greater Than We Realized - Scientific American Blog Network 💭 Dr. Kira Dredgen Jones on Twitter: "Okay, we need to have a chat about Roman portraiture. My feed is now full of horrifying #Nero reconstructions and I highly suggest that you don't look directly into his eyes because he might steal your soul. Thanks to @ 💭 Tech Ad Music and Jingles | Steven Gutheinz Music 💭 All the Bad Things About Uber and Lyft In One Simple List – Streetsblog USA 💭 The meeting room hardware virus 💭 Lauren Greenfield on Who Suffers Most from Consumer Culture | Topic 💭 Transgressive art, political correctness, and politeness. 💭 How conservative media transformed the Covington Catholic students from pariahs to heroes | US news | The Guardian 💭 Easing test anxiety boosts low-income students’ biology grades | Science News 💭 Thread by @glenweyl: "I spent most of the last day of 2018 defending the political sociology of the @NiskanenCenter-style project of uniting self-identified or pr […]" 💭 BBC - Future - The perils of short-termism: Civilisation’s greatest threat 💭 The art of war: Deleuze, Guattari, Debord and the Israeli Defence Force | Mute 💭 Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Conscious 💭 How Much of the Internet Is Fake? 💭 [toread] Teaching kids to code: I’m a developer and I think it doesn’t actually teach important skills. 💭 ‘Language: A Key Mechanism of Control’ | FAIR 💭 "Sanction": The Triumph of Ayn Rand's Worst Idea - Econlib 💭 How Should We Write in a Time of Unmitigated Disaster? | Literary Hub 💭 Make Do #17: Words, words, words - Relay FM 💭 Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Modern Art 💭 How to cook a meal out of anything in your kitchen : Cooking 💭 The AI Art at Christie’s Is Not What You Think — Artnome 💭 Betteridge's law of headlines - Wikipedia 💭 How the Ex-Incels of Reddit Found Salvation – MEL Magazine 💭 The Secret Drug Pricing System Middlemen Use to Rake in Millions 💭 We All Live In Parasocial Hell - Digg 💭 What Does Immersing Yourself in a Book Do To Your Brain? | Literary Hub 💭 The End of Theoretical Physics As We Know It | Quanta Magazine 💭 [toread] The Unbearable Sameness of Cities 💭 [toread] Layers of Identity — Real Life

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Feed as gardenback to top 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: During pregnancy, if the mother suffers organ damage, the baby in the womb sends stem cells to repair the dam... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: Believe it or not, in the years 1950-1951, the A. C. Gilbert Company distributed the Gilbert U-238 Atomic Ene... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: This simple gif by Jakub Nowosad shows the effect of the Mercator projection on the real size of continents a... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: Cherry blossom season in Japan is typically in late March to April. Yet, this year it began in mid-March, mat... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: Art galleries use shapeable and zoomable LED track lights to enhance the artworks details visibility and colo... 🎄 Artist Jonty Hurwitz creates captivating anamorphic sculptures that can only be seen in their own reflections or along a precise... 🎄 Adult male gorillas beat their chest and even young ones do. But while this seems to signal aggression, researches show the beha... 🎄 This is the difference after 7 years of Mars. The rover Mars Curiosity in its selfie on October 31, 2012 (Sol 84) vs its selfie ... 🎄 The tufted ground squirrel is noted for having the largest known tail to body size ratio of any mammal, with the volume of its t... 🎄 The "Spilhaus projection" features oceans as the main focus, and presents the oceans as one body of water. A map based on it is ... 🎄 Planes are really made for flying: this 747 sitting in a boneyard in Mojave, California tried to take to the skies one last time... 🎄 Named the Empress of Uruguay, this is the largest amethyst geode in the world. Standing a staggering 3.27 meters tall, the geode... 🎄 The word "pyrography" basically means writing with fire on wood. Artist Alex Peter Idoko created his style to approach pyrograph... 🎄 When you splash water on your face, your brain instantly begins to prepare your body for diving, slowing your heart rate & s... 🎄 Chordodes formosanus is a horsehair worm that has the praying mantis as its definitive host. They can grow up to 90 cm long and ... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: The Tomb of Sennefer is one of the most preserved and beautifully decorated tombs ever found in Egypt. Aka To... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: Photographer Mark Smith captured the stunning moment when an osprey emerges from the ocean clawed onto its pr... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: La cueva de los cristales in Naica, Mexico contains enormous selenite crystals (CaSO₄·2H₂O), up to 11 meters ... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: Nobody really knows what the strange structures on the head of the Bocydium treehopper are for. They don’t us... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: A barrier transfer machine is a heavy vehicle used to transfer concrete lane dividers, such as jersey barrier... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: Another impressive visualization of the magnitude of the earthquake which hit Turkey one week ago. This photo... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: "Fire phoenix" flies in the sky: a man made a phoenix kite controlled by a drone, and flew it in the sky in S... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: Photographer Josh Anon captured the perfect moment in which the rising sun made this polar bear's backlit bre... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: This video showing Danielle and Kekoa at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, gives an idea of the size of ... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: The air entering a peregrine falcon's nose during its high speed dives (320 km/h) would cause its lungs to ex... 🎄 Salar de Uyuni is the world's largest salt flat. Following rain, a thin layer of dead calm water turns the flat into the world's... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: The Arctic fox lives in some of the most frigid extremes on the planet, but they do not start to shiver until... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: At 01:17 UTC on Feb 6, 2023, an M7.8 earthquake hit Turkey and Syria. These are the seismic waves recorded in... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: Sky Pool is a swimming pool in Houston, Texas. Constructed on top of the Market Square Tower apartment comple... 🎄 A shrimp cleans a moray eel. They have a mutualistic relationship where the shrimp is getting a free meal by liberating the eel ... 🎄 We can only imagine the story behind this image of a human hand. It was made some 30,000 years ago during the Aurignacian period... 🎄 The Natural History Museum in London is home to life and earth science specimens comprising some 80 million items. Being a strik... 🎄 The water quality in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, is monitored by clams. If the water gets too toxic, they close, and the... 🎄 On June 7, 2021, a roaming herd of 15 wild elephants was on the move after resting in a patch of forest on the outskirts of the ... 🎄 Created in 1960, the Pigg-O-Stat™ is still an all-in-one pediatric immobilization device designed for positioning infants and yo... 🎄 Young condors are covered with a grayish down until they are almost as large as their parents. They are able to fly after 6 mont... 🎄 The story of the Mapogos, a coalition of 6 sibling male lions that conquered a territory 7 times larger than Manhattan and kille... 🎄 Discovered by researchers with the Census of Marine Life at a depth of 2,750 meters, this sea cucumber is so transparent that it... 🎄 This extraordinary piece by artist Kumi Yamashita created for the American Express office lobby in Tribeca, New York, was made u... 🎄 The Nicobar pigeon is found on small islands and in coastal regions from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India, the Solomons an... 🎄 A sunset postcard and a special shadow from rover Opportunity: this photo is one of the most iconic taken by the rover and was s... 🎄 Born 191 years ago #Today, Charles Dodgson, better known by his pen name Lewis Carroll, was a mathematician, a logician, a photo... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: Bian Lian is an ancient Chinese dramatic art. Typically, performers change from one face to another almost in... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: This dramatic footage shows how killer whales use a rare hunting technique to trap and kill a seal in the icy... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: NVIDIA has created a new AI-based tool for streamers that allows them to maintain eye contact with their audi... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: Dung beetles can push more than 1000 times their own body weight and they're capable of navigating and orient... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: The San Francisco Garter Snake has been on the endangered list since 1967, and has been labeled the most beau... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: The complexity of the human brain and its functions in a neat infographic map 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: Sandboarding is the analog of snowboarding, but done on desert dunes. This performance has been filmed in Dun... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: The great hornbill (Buceros bicornis) is a large bird with a wingspan reaching 152 cm: when seen in flight, w... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: Some of the equations that changed the course of history 🎄 «Sometimes on a spacewalk, you just have to take a moment to enjoy the beauty of our planet Earth» — NASA astronaut Randy Bresn... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: This two-legged fox has been spotted in Derbyshire, UK. The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust said that they never ... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: This peculiar lenticular cloud was spotted over the Turkish city of Bursa on January 19, 2023, shifting color... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: This might surprise you, but a praying mantis can indeed kill and eat a hummingbird. Only large mantises arou... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: Patrick Hughes' "Reverspective" is a technique that uses reverse perspective and it's simply mesmerizing. Thi... 🎄 This Icelandic bright yellow river which majestically crosses a black sand beach to reunite with the blue sea, owes its appearan... 🎄 Not all the ships look like ships. The Ramform Titan belongs to a class of seismic ships that is easily the most powerful and ef... 🎄 The Aiken Lake in northwest China's Qinghai Province is also called the "devil's eye." Rich in sulfur, the water of the lake dye... 🎄 Into the distance. How the tenuous gradations of light and mist visualize the depths and the distances in this remarkable vide... 🎄 Built like a spine-like device floating on water, it harnesses the power of waves to produce electricity — offering an affordabl... 🎄 It’s a question that has long interested scientists working on vision and optics. This is why animals’ pupils come in different ... 🎄 Little Planet Factory is a maker of miniature planets and other astronomy themed curiosities [read more: 🎄 The Shannon number, named after Claude Shannon, is a conservative lower bound (not an estimate) of the game-tree complexity of c... 🎄 A walking scaffolding? Yes, even scaffolding can walk autonomously, provided some conditions are verified. The inclination of t... 🎄 5.61ct Bicolor Congo Tourmaline [📹 Jordan Wilkins:] 🎄 The Dead Sea has large slabs of solid salt that form in the water, and along the shore. One can therefore have a walk or even go... 🎄 This is an impressive collection of 1930s-1940s mechanisms ingeniously created to sharpened razor blades so you didn't have to b... 🎄 RT @Rainmaker1973: The story of "water man" Patrick Mwalua, the man who has been buying and transporting water for long distance... 🎄 Kanzi the bonobo lives in America and has learnt how to build a fire, light it using matches and toast marshmallows on it. It sh... 🎄 Mada'in Saleh is an archaeological site located within Al Madinah Region in Saudi Arabia. A majority of the remains date from th...


Feed as gardenback to top 👓 World of Goo 2 👓 Vector to 3D 👓 Twitter users solve a 25-year-old mystery about a country song from the X-Files 👓 Tom Whitwell’s 52 things I learned in 2023 👓 The Year Twitter Died 👓 The Pudding Cup 2023 👓 The Great Scrollback of Alexandria 👓 The 88×31 GIF Collection 👓 Source code for Infocom’s original interpreters released 👓 Psychedelic Cryptography, making messages only visible to people on psychedelics 👓 Plantarium 👓 Plagiarism and You(Tube) 👓 Pee-wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special’s HD remaster is now free on YouTube 👓 Paste Magazine acquires Jezebel after G/O closure 👓 Motion Extraction 👓 It’s Black Friday, Charlie Brown! 👓 Hiding a Mike Wazowski shrine in a public library 👓 Google launches Gemini, the AI model it hopes will take down GPT-4 👓 First trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI 👓 Ed Yong on how reporting on long Covid made him a better journalist 👓 draw fast 👓 Brickception 👓 Big Walk 👓 Animation vs. Physics 👓 AI Garage Sale, haggle with AI personalities to buy real products 👓 You Say Potato, I Say Fuck You 👓 Wavacity 👓 The Glitch Gallery 👓 The George Lucas Eggsperience 👓 Teaser trailer for The Boy and the Heron 👓 Taylor Lorenz on Julia Allison’s vilification as an early influencer 👓 Reddit activity plummeted since API changes and moderator protests 👓 Postmarks 👓 Nour: Play With Your Food 👓 Mr. Platformer 👓 Looking back at Aardvark’d, the Fog Creek Documentary, 18 years later 👓 Kagi Small Web 👓 Irene 👓 How Did Vanilla Become a Byword for Blandness? 👓 Harry Styles fans debate the authenticity of possibly AI-generated leaked demos 👓 EXPI by @p01 👓 Endless Thread finds the previously-unknown illustrator for A Wrinkle In Time’s cover art 👓 Elon Musk’s DIY Twitter datacenter migration disaster 👓 Dungeons & Dragons on Death Row 👓 DJ Phonetic 👓 Badger Badger Badger Turns 20 👓 AI emoji generator 👓 Adrian Holovaty’s Melodic Guitar Music 👓 Absorber 👓 a clock where the time is made of news headlines 👓 Wildfire decimates Lahaina, once the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom 👓 Two grad students unravel a widely believed math conjecture 👓 This London cookbook store tests recipes by cooking for customers 👓 The unusual success of the harpejji, a hybrid guitar/piano/harp invented in 2007 👓 the uncolouring book 👓 The Nib made all 15 issues free for PDF download this month 👓 The Most Iconic Hip-Hop Sample of Every Year from 1973-2023 👓 TextFX 👓 South Pole Electrical Infrastructure 👓 Record labels hit Internet Archive with new $400M lawsuit for preserving 78 rpm records 👓 Polygon’s video essay on the history and future of VTubers 👓 Little Rat 👓 LCD, Please 👓 Internet Archive will remove publishers’ commercially-available titles from online lending program 👓 How to donate and help support Maui communities 👓 How climate change made Hawaii more vulnerable to wildfires 👓 Good Tape 👓 Gary Brolsma recreates Numa Numa, 19 years later 👓 Elon Musk’s Shadow Rule 👓 CNET deletes thousands of old articles to try to game Google search rankings 👓 Clone-a Lisa 👓 Billionaires gifted Clarence Thomas at least 38 vacations, 26 private jet flights, box seats, and more 👓 always return your shopping carts 👓 AI Boyfriend 👓 a clock where the time is in a song title 👓 West of House, a Zork-inspired cross-stitch 👓’s Big Ben 👓 Viola the Bird 👓 The Tiny Awards Winner Is… 👓 The Pudding’s analysis of hit songwriters by gender over the last 64 years 👓 TechCrunch writer tries to buy a post on TechCrunch from Fiverr SEO scammers 👓 Storehouse-A 👓 Redditors prank AI-powered news mill with “Glorbo” in World of Warcraft 👓 Reddit brought back r/Place and it’s going as well as expected 👓 Quiznos brings the Spongmonkeys back 👓 Playing Wordle from the Firefox address bar 👓 Otamatone cover of Evanescence’s “Bring Me To Life” 👓 👓 Nikolas Bentel makes wallets that look like Mac/Windows folders 👓 Meta’s Threads Could Make—or Break—the Fediverse 👓 identiFIVE 👓 Human Shader 👓 How School Board Meetings Became Flashpoints for Anger and Chaos Across the Country 👓 Hacker legend Kevin Mitnick, dead at 59 👓 Geoguessr expert Rainbolt shows how he geolocates a photo in minutes 👓 Chip Player JS 👓 Applying high voltage to kids’ toys 👓 Adam Pickets Everything 👓 Aaron A. Reed on the short life of 1980s type-in computer game books 👓 A brief tour of South Pole Station through signage 👓 Vision Pro is Apple’s new $3,499 AR headset 👓 The Origins of the Right’s War on Target 👓 The Last Egg 👓 Supreme Court unexpectedly rejects racially gerrymandered maps 👓 Redditor creates working anime QR codes using Stable Diffusion 👓 ProPublica’s guide to rights the Supreme Court has established and could take away 👓 New Yorker on the Ed Sheeran/Marvin Gaye “Let’s Get It On” copyright suit 👓 Miniatua’s tiny handcrafted replicas of vintage computers 👓 Mineplacer 👓 Making A Solar-Powered Billion-Year Lego Clock 👓 Fast Company on the rise, fall, and rebirth of Snopes 👓 Defiant teens stage LGBTQ play independently after Indiana high school cancels it 👓 CVS BANGERS 5: BANGRIM 👓 Careless Whisper’s lick on 100 instruments 👓 Array Game 👓 Apollo for Reddit is shutting down 👓 Windows XP activation algorithm cracked after 21 years 👓 Why Has a Group of Orcas Suddenly Started Attacking Boats? 👓 Visualization of data breaches that have exposed your identity over time 👓 Two fans spent over 7,000 hours recreating Disneyland from scratch in Dreams 👓 TimeGuessr 👓 The Nib is shutting down 👓 Terrible Terms and Conditions 👓 Slide to Unlock 👓 Reddit’s new API pricing would cost Apollo $20 million annually 👓 Mel’s Loop 👓 Lisa’s Final Act 👓 Lawyer cites fake cases invented by ChatGPT, judge is not amused 👓 Kenny Log-Ins 👓 Guitar Slinger Reconstructed 👓 GEN-Z-SPAN 👓 Gandalf, a game of prompt injection 👓 Exploring an abandoned home largely untouched since the 1960s 👓 DayBrix 👓 Conner Griffith’s “Still Life” 👓 CJR profiles Defector, “the last good website” 👓 Captcha Is Asking Users to Identify Objects That Don’t Exist 👓 Better Living Through Algorithms 👓 Arc’s new Boosts feature lets you change the way any website looks 👓 Adel Faure’s text mode art 👓 1980s arcade game designers hid their names in high score tables 👓 The Unhinged Miniature World of Bobby Fingers 👓 The Pudding analyzes dark patterns used when canceling 16 online services 👓 The Oral History of MTV News 👓 The Oral History Of BuzzFeed News 👓 The Comisar Collection 👓 Sing A Note 👓 SineRider 👓 Robin Ward looks back at ForumWarz, 15 years later 👓 Question Mark, Ohio 👓 Pop Culture Detective on the solarpunk narrative of Disney’s Strange World 👓 Nintendo goes after Switch emulators after new Zelda leaks online 👓 Moderator Mayhem 👓 IRS tests free e-filing system to compete with tax prep giants 👓 How Google tried to fix the web by taking it over 👓 Heather Armstrong, rest in peace 👓 Goodbye, Dooce 👓 Early Computer Art in the ’50s and ’60s 👓 Chris Onstad reboots cult webcomic Achewood, with help from an AI 👓 Cavern Sweeper 👓 Annotations Restored 👓 Anna’s Archive 👓 50 years after release, Disney’s Robin Hood is still a life-changing furry phenomenon 👓 Womprat, the Star Wars font to end all Star Wars fonts 👓 Vice Media preparing to file bankruptcy 👓 The Verge on the legal issues surrounding AI voice cloning in music 👓 The Pudding’s Map of Places with the Same Name 👓 Sarah Jeong on everything happening with Bluesky 👓 Robot Puppet Sings “A Thousand Miles” 👓 Replika: Your Money or Your Wife 👓 John Herrman on how the death of BuzzFeed News marks the end of an era in digital media 👓 👓 Eternal Wanderer 👓 Drift Mine Satellite 👓 Cory Doctorow’s Red Team Blues Is Out Now 👓 Chirper 👓 Blue skies over Mastodon 👓 xkcd’s Escape Speed 👓 Where In the USA Is This? 👓 WaPo analysis of websites in Google’s C4 dataset, used by several LLMs 👓 This Mom Didn’t Know She Was In A $250K Candy Crush Tournament, But She’s Killing It 👓 The Internet Is Suddenly Full Of AI-Generated Hip-Hop 👓 Substack CEO Chris Best Doesn’t Realize He’s Just Become The Nazi Bar 👓 Space Elevator 👓 Montana House votes to completely ban TikTok in the state 👓 Imgur is banning porn and purging old anonymous uploads on May 15 👓 Ghostwriter’s AI-voiced Drake/The Weeknd song is going viral 👓 Four-Byte Burger 👓 Employees begged Google not to launch Bard AI 👓 Doogie Typer 👓 Buzzfeed News is shutting down, laying off 15% of staff 👓 AI Drake just set an impossible legal trap for Google 👓 Aaron A. Reed on The Gostak 👓 Twitter cuts off Cheap Bots Done Quick, Substack, Feedbin, Thread Reader, and others from API 👓 “There was no up, there was no down, there was no side to side” 👓 The Ringer interviews Paul Dochney, the Los Angeles writer behind Twitter legend Dril 👓 the html review, issue 02 👓 The history of Easter eggs in software 👓 The Bitcoin Whitepaper Is Hidden in Every Modern Copy of macOS 👓 Restoring the original Wilhelm Scream recording session 👓 Replacing my best friends with an LLM trained on 500,000 group chat messages 👓 Pentagon’s Ukraine war plans leaked on Minecraft Discord before Telegram and Twitter 👓 Mad Magazine’s Al Jaffee, creator of the Fold-In, dies at 102 👓 Last Squeak Tonight 👓 Garbage Day on the rise of TikTok bait videos 👓 Feedly launches strikebreaking as a service 👓 Dan Gillmor on why (and how) journalists should leave Twitter for Mastodon 👓 Copyright lawsuits pose a serious threat to generative AI 👓 Clarence Thomas secretly accepted luxury trips from major GOP donor 👓 ChatGPT invented a sexual harassment lawsuit about a real law professor 👓 Chasing rainbows 👓 Big Tech’s big downgrade 👓 👓 AI and the American Smile 👓 The TikTok ban is a betrayal of the open internet 👓 The Secret of Joe Biden’s Empty Picture Frame 👓 The Future is a Dead Mall 👓 Recreating Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawings with GPT-4 👓 OpenAI announces GPT-4 👓 MSCHF’s Tax Heaven 3000, the dating sim that does your taxes 👓 Microsoft laid off one of its responsible AI teams 👓 turns 25 👓 Jesse Thorn converts Maximum Fun podcast network into an employee-owned co-op 👓 Interactive explainer of the physics of a bicycle 👓 Ice Ice Matrix 👓 yeah yeah yeah 👓 Writeout, free audio transcription and translation 👓 Weezer’s Blue Album but it’s me and my friend trying to sing everything from memory 👓 Val Town 👓 “Shift Happens” Typewriter Simulator 👓 Rotating Sandwiches 👓 Pirating the Oscars 2023: The Final Curtain Call 👓 Lander 👓 How long does Twitter have left? 👓 Grands Canons d’Alain Biet 👓 Gourdlets 👓 Geolocating a Vine-famous road in 15 minutes 👓 Chuck E. Cheese still uses floppy disks for distributing shows 👓 tldraw 👓 The cursed universes of Dana Sibera 👓 The Courtyard 👓 The Case for Shunning 👓 Recreating ANSI Art from a screenshot 👓 Parker Molloy on the 4chan campaign tied to Scott Adams’ racist rant 👓 OpenAI adds ChatGPT and Whisper APIs 👓 Godot 4 released 👓 Dark Side of the Moon turns 50 today 👓 Cloud Nine: A Game of Wonderful Things 👓 A 24/7 Twitch stream of AI-generated deepfake celebrities is even weirder than it seems 👓 Wood Wide Web 👓 What is ChatGPT doing and how does it work? 👓 The Nintendo-fication of Jazz 👓 The mystery of the cancelled Twin Peaks NES game, solved 30 years later 👓 The Morioka Experience 👓 The Confessions of Marcus Hutchins, the Hacker Who Saved the Internet 👓 Scribble Diffusion turns scribbles into detailed images 👓 Reactions to the Face Age filter on TikTok 👓 On the internet, nobody knows you’re a human 👓 JPEG, an image-only newsletter 👓 Infinite AI Steamed Hams 👓 Everything Everywhere All at Once props auctioned for charity 👓 Bases Loaded 👓 After a decade tracking politicians’ deleted tweets, Politwoops is no more 👓 Squares in Squares 👓 James Vincent introduces the AI Mirror Test, humans convinced AI chatbots are sentient 👓 It Is Journalism’s Sacred Duty To Endanger The Lives Of As Many Trans People As Possible 👓 Infinite LEGO Domino Ring 👓 General Zod Chaos Generator 👓 Bing’s ChatGPT-powered AI casually threatens early users 👓 Double Fine PsychOdyssey 👓 Colin Meloy asked ChatGPT to write a Decemberists song, and then recorded it 👓 Andrew Plotkin’s treasury of Zork maps 👓 Shift Happens live on Kickstarter 👓 touchHLE 👓 Mastodon Flock, find your Twitter friends on Mastodon 👓 Katie Notopoulos interviews bot creators about the Twitter API closure 👓 DONKS 👓 CatGPT 👓 AI-generated Seinfeld banned from Twitch after transphobic standup 👓 Twitter announces the end of free access to its APIs in one week 👓 Platformer exclusive on Artifact, the personalized news feed from Instagram’s cofounders 👓 Nothing, Forever, an endless livestreamed AI-generated episode of Seinfeld 👓 broider 👓 Ars Technica’s overview on the state of generative AI 👓 Using Kid Pix to Recreate Caravaggio’s “Judith Beheading Holofornes” 👓 MusicLM 👓 Measuring the cultural weirdness of Avatar 👓 Macroeconomic Changes Have Made It Impossible for Me to Want to Pay You 👓 Drayk It 👓 Chronophoto, guess the year photos were taken 👓 Wonders of Street View 👓 Tapbots releases Ivory, a polished Mastodon app for iOS 👓 Lost Media: Finding Bill Clinton’s “Boxers or Briefs” MTV Moment 👓 jwz on Mozilla’s 25th anniversary 👓 Inside the world of retail shoplifting 👓 TET 👓 U.S. airline accidentally exposes TSA No Fly List on unsecured server 👓 The many ingenious ways people in prison use forbidden cell phones 👓 Summer Afternoon 👓 Inside CNET’s AI-powered SEO money machine 👓 Copy Dennis 👓 Comparing ChatGPT to Claude, Anthropic’s new AI chatbot assistant 👓 After 16 years, Twitterrific is discontinued 👓 1923 cartoon predicts AI art generators in 2023 👓 is now on Mastodon 👓 The Garden of Blogs 👓 Inside the “extremely hardcore” first 90 days of Twitter under Elon Musk 👓 Hampster Invaders 👓 Getty Images suing Stable Diffusion for scraping their images 👓 Why The Super Rich Are Inevitable 👓 Why Not Mars 👓 Where are the pirated movie screeners this year? 👓 VICE on Neuro-Sama, a VTuber controlled entirely by AI 👓 Twitter starts blocking links to many popular Mastodon instances 👓 Tom7’s PAC·TOM Project 👓 Tom Scott debunks an urban legend about 18th century firefighters letting buildings burn 👓 Tom Lehrer releases discography into public domain 👓 The Strangest Computer Manual Ever Written 👓 The Professional 👓 The Originals 👓 The LastPass disclosure of leaked password vaults is being torn apart by security experts 👓 The Expanding Dark Forest and Generative AI 👓 The DIY Scientist, the Olympian, and the Mutated Gene 👓 Ted Gioia on Barnes & Noble’s surprising turnaround 👓 Stop Talking to Each Other and Start Buying Things 👓 Shift Happens 👓 RIP Jeff Beck 👓 Reverse engineering the prompts for every Notion AI feature 👓 Recreating Goya’s “Saturn Devouring His Son” in Mario Paint 👓 Productivity Blocker 👓 picoSYNTH 👓 Peasant’s Quest VGA 👓 👓 NYT on Steamboat Willie entering the public domain in 2024 👓 Microsoft’s VALL-E can simulate anyone’s voice with three seconds of audio 👓 Merry Sky 👓 Mastodon founder rejected multiple six-figure investment offers to preserve nonprofit status 👓 LOL Verifier 👓 👓 Killings by U.S. police reach record high in 2022 👓 KC Green on the 10th anniversary of his “This Is Fine” comic 👓 Joni Mitchell’s full catalog is now on YouTube 👓 Jean-Michel Jarre’s “Oxygene Pt. 4” in 19kb of JS code 👓 Jealousy List 2022 👓 Jacked directly into the feed 👓 Inspired by Office Space, software engineer embezzled more than $300k in Stripe transactions 👓 Identity thieves bypassed Experian security with simple URL change 👓 How human is your dog’s name? 👓 Event series Pop-Up Magazine calls it quits 👓 Erik Grankvist spent three years alone building a log cabin 👓 Draw SVG rope with Javascript 👓 ChatGPT in Dr. Sbaitso 👓 Building a meme search engine using a stack of old iPhones for OCR 👓 Atlas of Blobs 👓 As of today, copyrighted works from 1927 enter the U.S. public domain 👓 Ars Technica on Mastodon, ActivityPub, and the pros and cons of open decentralized social networking 👓 Amateur archaeologist helps crack Ice Age cave art code 👓 A Writer Used AI To Plagiarize Me. Now What? 👓 10 Typos

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I Consulted Einstein 🪸 Bummer: Popular Happiness Strategies Are a Bust 🪸 A Wild Promise 🪸 Where Earth Got Its Water 🪸 What to Wear in the Next Pandemic 🪸 Welcome to Gorongosa National Park 🪸 These Babies Are Parasites 🪸 The Pet That Doesn’t Poop 🪸 The Dubious Economics of Deep-Sea Mining 🪸 The Cellist and the Physicist 🪸 Our Super Malleable Sense of Self 🪸 How Can Science Be More Creative? 🪸 A Map of Life Like None Other 🪸 Why Scientists Need to Get High 🪸 Why Do People Believe the Earth Is Flat? 🪸 Who Should Make the Rules That Govern AI? 🪸 What an Oyster Hears 🪸 The Longevity Skeptic 🪸 Is Consciousness More Like Chess or the Weather? 🪸 Global Warming Could Make Some Fish Less Nutritious 🪸 Do Animals Get Drunk? 🪸 AI Shouldn’t Decide What’s True 🪸 A Conversation with Animal Rights Pioneer Peter Singer 🪸 Why Do So Many Moons Have Oceans? 🪸 Why Conscious AI Is a Bad, Bad Idea 🪸 When Disease Comes for the Scientist 🪸 Tiny Jets on the Sun Power the Colossal Solar Wind 🪸 The World Is Full of Sleeping Beauties 🪸 The Challenge of Deep-Sea Taxonomy 🪸 The 19th-Century Trippers Who Probed the Mind 🪸 Searching for Life Under a Methane Rain 🪸 How Can We Discourage Mass Shootings? 🪸 When Are We OK with Getting Bribed? 🪸 What Makes Someone Forgettable? 🪸 The Strange Life of Glass 🪸 The Oceans Are Missing Their Rivers 🪸 The Comet Year 🪸 The Ancient Architecture that Defies Earthquakes 🪸 Print Edition 48 🪸 Fish Are Not Insentient Dullards 🪸 Faulty Memory Is a Feature, Not a Bug 🪸 Your Brain Is Shaped Like Nobody Else’s 🪸 This Candle Becomes a Planter for Seed Diversity 🪸 The Race to Colonize Mars Perpetuates a Dangerous Religion 🪸 The Electron Is So Round That It’s Ruling Out Potential New Particles 🪸 The Challenge of Blue Carbon 🪸 My Life with the Penguins 🪸 Immunity Is a Matter of Timing 🪸 How Can We Stop the CO2 That Plants Store from Leaking Back Into the Air? 🪸 Why Is Sea Level Rise Worse In Some Places? 🪸 What the Webb Telescope Really Showed Us About the Cosmos’ Beginning 🪸 To Supercharge Learning, Look to Play 🪸 The Story of a Lonely Orca 🪸 Sugar Pill Nation 🪸 Searching for the River of Wind 🪸 Is There Any Place for Race in Medicine? 🪸 Exercise Is Great for Our Brains, Too, Right? 🪸 Animal Sex Determination Is Weirder Than You Think 🪸 Why Doctors Can’t Name Female Anatomy 🪸 What Happens to My Brain on the Psychedelic DMT? 🪸 What Does ChatGPT Know About Science? 🪸 The Spiritual Materialist 🪸 The Highest Truth 🪸 The Dwarf Planet on Our Doorstep 🪸 How Snails Cross Vast Oceans 🪸 Does GPT-4 Really Understand What We’re Saying? 🪸 Astronomers Dig Up the Stars That Birthed the Milky Way 🪸 Animal Personalities Can Trip Up Science, But There’s a Solution 🪸 What Plants Are Saying About Us 🪸 What Nuclear War Means for the Ocean 🪸 What Makes Us Bold 🪸 The Importance of Slime 🪸 The Enemy Made Visible 🪸 How Will the Universe Evolve? 🪸 How Our Reality May Be a Sum of All Possible Realities 🪸 The Secret Life of the North Pole 🪸 The Misguided History of Racial Medicine 🪸 The Body Electric 🪸 How Much Is a Living Elephant Worth? 🪸 Cultivating Joy in Science 🪸 Where Are the Black Female Doctors? 🪸 The Interim CEO of Black Girls CODE on the Importance of Self-Belief 🪸 The Ghostwriter 🪸 Is Earth Running Out of Freshwater? 🪸 Giant Zombie Atoms of the Cosmos 🪸 Why Science Needs Diversity 🪸 Neuroscience Has a Race Problem 🪸 If Technology Only Had a Heart 🪸 Humans Could Go the Way of the Dinosaurs 🪸 Will CRISPR Cure Cancer? 🪸 The Moon Smells Like Gunpowder 🪸 Researchers Discover a More Flexible Approach to Machine Learning 🪸 Print Edition 47 🪸 How Seawater Might Soak Up More Carbon 🪸 How AI Can Prompt Your Inner Artist 🪸 What Makes the Milky Way Special? 🪸 What Is Scientific Discovery Worth? 🪸 The Creative Sweet Spot of Dreaming 🪸 The Algae That Might Save Earth’s Coral Reefs 🪸 Lost Worlds 🪸 Hear the Wind on Mars 🪸 Can AI Help Us Be Better People? 🪸 The Iceberg Cowboys Who Wrangle the Purest Water on Earth 🪸 New Telescopes Will Help Us SETL 🪸 Narcoleptic Naps Are a Creative Sweet Spot 🪸 When Will Fusion Energy Light Our Homes? 🪸 The Universal Clock of Aging 🪸 The Mystery of the Healthy Coral Reef 🪸 Mobile Genes From the Mother Shape the Baby’s Microbiome 🪸 Encouraging Conservation Through Communication 🪸 ChatGPT Is a Mirror of Our Times 🪸 What Is Our Universe Expanding Into? 🪸 Yes, Your Loud Neighbors Are Driving You Bonkers 🪸 Will We Know Alien Life When We See It? 🪸 Why Reading Your Doctor’s Notes Can Be Painful 🪸 The Vanishing Animals of Hispaniola 🪸 The Remarkable Emptiness of Existence 🪸 The Ecological Catastrophe You’ve Never Heard Of 🪸 The Brain Uses Calculus to Control Fast Movements 🪸 Should People Live on the Moon? 🪸 Mother Nature’s 7 Lessons for a Safer World 🪸 How Is TikTok Affecting Mental Health?

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Feed as gardenback to top ⚗️ The (Often) Overlooked Experiment That Revealed the Quantum World ⚗️ She Studies How Addiction Hijacks Learning in the Brain ⚗️ Extra-Long Blasts Challenge Our Theories of Cosmic Cataclysms ⚗️ A Triplet Tree Forms One of the Most Beautiful Structures in Math ⚗️ ‘A-Team’ of Math Proves a Critical Link Between Addition and Sets ⚗️ The Biggest Smallest Triangle Just Got Smaller ⚗️ ‘Species Repulsion’ Enables High Biodiversity in Tropical Trees ⚗️ Physicists Observe ‘Unobservable’ Quantum Phase Transition ⚗️ Machine Learning Aids Classical Modeling of Quantum Systems ⚗️ A Tower of Conjectures That Rests Upon a Needle ⚗️ Quaking Giants Might Solve the Mysteries of Stellar Magnetism ⚗️ Math Proof Draws New Boundaries Around Black Hole Formation ⚗️ JWST Spots Giant Black Holes All Over the Early Universe ⚗️ Complexity Theory’s 50-Year Journey to the Limits of Knowledge ⚗️ Andreas Wagner Pursues the Secrets to Evolutionary Success ⚗️ To Move Fast, Quantum Maze Solvers Must Forget the Past ⚗️ New Proof Shows That ‘Expander’ Graphs Synchronize ⚗️ Mathematicians Solve Long-Standing Coloring Problem ⚗️ Math That Lets You Think Locally but Act Globally ⚗️ How (Nearly) Nothing Might Solve Cosmology’s Biggest Questions ⚗️ Sparse Networks Come to the Aid of Big Physics ⚗️ In New Paradox, Black Holes Appear to Evade Heat Death ⚗️ How Math Has Changed the Shape of Gerrymandering ⚗️ First-Year Graduate Student Finds Paradoxical Set ⚗️ An Explorer of Abyssal Depths Looks to Oceans on Other Worlds ⚗️ The Physicist Who Glues Together Universes ⚗️ Math Patterns That Go On Forever but Never Repeat ⚗️ Is It Real or Imagined? How Your Brain Tells the Difference. ⚗️ How 3D Changes in the Genome Turned Sharks Into Skates ⚗️ Data Compression Drives the Internet. Here’s How It Works. ⚗️ What Causes Alzheimer’s? Scientists Are Rethinking the Answer. (Pt. 2) ⚗️ The Tiny Physics Behind Immense Cosmic Eruptions ⚗️ New Proof Finds the ‘Ultimate Instability’ in a Solar System Model ⚗️ Chatbots Don’t Know What Stuff Isn’t ⚗️ A Plan to Address the World’s Challenges With Math ⚗️ The Most Important Machine That Was Never Built ⚗️ The Computer Scientist Peering Inside AI’s Black Boxes ⚗️ Is Perpetual Motion Possible at the Quantum Level? ⚗️ How a Human Smell Receptor Works Is Finally Revealed ⚗️ A Very Big Small Leap Forward in Graph Theory ⚗️ Why the Brain’s Connections to the Body Are Crisscrossed ⚗️ The Number 15 Describes the Secret Limit of an Infinite Grid ⚗️ She Tracks the DNA of Elusive Species That Hide in Harsh Places ⚗️ How Can Some Infinities Be Bigger Than Others? ⚗️ A New Kind of Symmetry Shakes Up Physics ⚗️ The Electron Is So Round That It’s Ruling Out Potential New Particles ⚗️ Primitive Asgard Cells Show Life on the Brink of Complexity ⚗️ Mathematicians Find Hidden Structure in a Common Type of Space ⚗️ How to Tame the Endless Infinities Hiding in the Heart of Particle Physics ⚗️ A New Approach to Computation Reimagines Artificial Intelligence ⚗️ The Symmetry That Makes Solving Math Equations Easy ⚗️ The Colorful Problem That Has Long Frustrated Mathematicians ⚗️ How a DNA ‘Parasite’ May Have Fragmented Our Genes ⚗️ Emmy Murphy Is a Mathematician Who Finds Beauty in Flexibility ⚗️ Astronomers Dig Up the Stars That Birthed the Milky Way ⚗️ The Researcher Who Would Teach Machines to Be Fair ⚗️ Shadows in the Big Bang Afterglow Reveal Invisible Cosmic Structures ⚗️ Room-Temperature Superconductor Discovery Meets With Resistance ⚗️ New Proof Distinguishes Mysterious and Powerful ‘Modular Forms’ ⚗️ Can We Program Our Cells? ⚗️ Strange Solar Gamma Rays Discovered at Even Higher Energies ⚗️ How Loneliness Reshapes the Brain ⚗️ An Applied Mathematician With an Unexpected Toolbox ⚗️ With Nothing to Eat Except Viruses, Some Microbes Thrive ⚗️ Physicists Use Quantum Mechanics to Pull Energy out of Nothing ⚗️ How Will the Universe End? ⚗️ Can Our Brains Be Taken Over? ⚗️ To Teach Computers Math, Researchers Merge AI Approaches ⚗️ Quantum Field Theory Pries Open Mathematical Puzzle ⚗️ Gene Expression in Neurons Solves a Brain Evolution Puzzle ⚗️ What Lights the Universe’s Standard Candles? ⚗️ The Joy of Asking About Infinity, Jellyfish and the End of the Universe ⚗️ She Studies Growing Arteries to Aid Heart Attack Recovery ⚗️ Mathematicians Complete Quest to Build ‘Spherical Cubes’ ⚗️ Researchers Discover a More Flexible Approach to Machine Learning ⚗️ How Our Reality May Be a Sum of All Possible Realities ⚗️ When Does the Brain Operate at Peak Performance? ⚗️ Mathematicians Eliminate Long-Standing Threat to Knot Conjecture ⚗️ Machines Learn Better if We Teach Them the Basics ⚗️ Astronomers Say They Have Spotted the Universe’s First Stars ⚗️ The Computer Scientist Who Finds Life Lessons in Games ⚗️ The Cause of Depression Is Probably Not What You Think ⚗️ How Quantum Physicists ‘Flipped Time’ (and How They Didn’t) ⚗️ The Basic Algebra Behind Secret Codes and Space Communication ⚗️ Mathematicians Find an Infinity of Possible Black Hole Shapes ⚗️ Standard Model of Cosmology Survives a Telescope’s Surprising Finds ⚗️ Mathematicians Roll Dice and Get Rock-Paper-Scissors ⚗️ Mobile Genes From the Mother Shape the Baby’s Microbiome ⚗️ Finally, a Fast Algorithm for Shortest Paths on Negative Graphs ⚗️ The Physics Principle That Inspired Modern AI Art ⚗️ Starfish Whisperer Develops a Physical Language of Life ⚗️ Probability and Number Theory Collide — in a Moment ⚗️ New Algorithm Closes Quantum Supremacy Window ⚗️ Ants Live 10 Times Longer by Altering Their Insulin Responses

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White’s The Ill-Made Knight 📚 Steven Moore on William Gaddis and Russian Literature 📚 Sphinx II — Ludwig Schwarzer 📚 Self-Portrait with Land Skirt — Julie Heffernan 📚 Riff on rereading Riddley Walker, Russell Hoban’s post-apocalyptic coming-of-age novel 📚 Rainer J. Hanshe’s Closing Melodies (Book acquired, 8 Aug. 2023) 📚 “Pete Resists the Man of His Old Room,” a very short story by Barry Hannah 📚 On the Beach — Peter Busch 📚 May God Deliver Us from the Venom of the Cobra, Teeth of the Tiger, and Cinema of the Americans — Jean-Pierre Roy 📚 “Making Do,” a very short tale by Italo Calvino 📚 HELP! A Stereophonic Narrative for Authorial Voice — John Barth 📚 “Edgy Pleasures” — William T. 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Burroughs 📚 I am on kind of a Borges kick (Thomas Pynchon) 📚 Gulf Women Prepare for War — Maggi Hambling 📚 Books acquired (First week of May, 2023) 📚 Bernardo Zannoni’s My Stupid Intentions is a brash and brilliant picaresque fable 📚 An Unconscious Naked Man Lying on a Table Being Attacked by Little Demons Armed with Surgical Instruments; Representing the Effects of Chloroform on the Human Body — Richard Tennant Cooper 📚 A review of Trey Ellis’s polyglossic satire Platitudes 📚 Austin Spare and Witch — Austin Osman Spare 📚 Untitled (Even the Poorest Mouse) — Raymond Pettibon 📚 Under the Sea — Glyn Philpot 📚 The Hen and the Man — Pavel Tchelitchew 📚 Susan Taubes’ Lament for Julia (Book acquired, 18 April 2023) 📚 Read “The Flight of Pigeons from the Palace,” a very short story by Donald Barthelme 📚 Portrait of Mrs. Stuart Merrill — Jean Delville  📚 On the Contrary — Kay Sage 📚 Neo-Cubist Calvin 📚 May hath 31 days | Djuna Barnes 📚 La Grange Batelière — Leonor Fini 📚 Harpist — Eduardo Kingman 📚 Eileen Chang’s Written on Water (Book acquired, 18 April 2023) 📚 Ballard/Colquhoun/Gray (Books acquired, 28 April 2023) 📚 “Ape” — Russell Edson 📚 A/B (Panic Fables) — Alejandro Jodorowsky 📚 A review of The Stronghold, Dino Buzzati’s novel of deferred hope and ecstatic boredom 📚 View — Susanne Kühn 📚 There are few who do not know that Lilith was Adam’s first wife | From Olga Tokarczuk’s novel The Books of Jacob 📚 “Then and Now” — Tom Clark 📚 The Triumph of Poverty — Nicole Eisenman 📚 The other project was a scheme for entirely abolishing all words whatsoever 📚 The Nine Shots — Imants Tillers 📚 Sketch for Love and the Pilgrim — Edward Burne-Jones 📚 “Since 1619” — Ray Durem 📚 Recital XII — Pat Perry  📚 Job, His Wife, and His Friends — William Blake 📚 Half-Cocked 📚 Dope Rider — Paul Kirchner 📚 Big Town — Vincent Desiderio 📚 Untitled — Nahum Tschacbasov 📚 Untitled (Elsa in Blue) — Dominic Chambers  📚 Uninvited Guests — Ruby Swinney 📚 There is a little tale about man’s fate, and this is the way it is put | Joy Williams 📚 The American novel starts off with Hawthorne, Melville, Poe—and it’s not a novel, it’s a reaction to the novel | Kathy Acker 📚 Tassel Shade — Aglaé Bassens 📚 Study for Hotel by a Railroad — Edward Hopper 📚 Solitary Loop — Jason Herr 📚 Sketch for Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even — Marcel Duchamp 📚 “Report” — Helmut Heißenbüttel 📚 Repo — Marcos Carrasquer 📚 Nerves — Stephanus Rivierius 📚 Ktitor’s Guilt — Dragan Bibin 📚 James Grieve’s translation of Proust’s Swann’s Way (Book acquired, 19 March 2023) 📚 Hawthorne is a writer | From Kathy Acker’s Blood and Guts in High School 📚 Father Fairing’s Sewer Rat Parish | Thomas Pynchon 📚 “Clearly Spring Must Be Resisted Or” — Elena Wilkinson 📚 Vaughan died yesterday in his last car crash | J.G. 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Burroughs 📚 On A.V. Marraccini’s ekphrastic, discursive book We the Parasites 📚 Most of the Time During the Day — Rinus van de Velde 📚 “Hazard Response” — Tom Clark 📚 Dämmerung — Kati Heck 📚 “A Society of Scoundrels” — Franz Kafka 📚 New Orleans adventure | From The Letters of William Gaddis 📚 “There Was a Jar in Oregon” — Ursula K. Le Guin 📚 Mountaineer — Gerhard Richter  📚 Márcia Barbieri’s The Whore (Book acquired, Feb. 2023) 📚 16 frames from Julia Ducournau’s Titane 📚 Listen — Vincent Hui 📚 Untitled (Driver) — Eric Haven 📚 My liver, the pain of clear thought, $5.75 for an Absolut on the rocks at the Hotel Dorset, New York City, and other great prices paid by various writers in their careers 📚 Exodo –Julio Larraz  📚 Chimeras in the Mountains — Max Ernst 📚 Camilo José Cela’s 1950 novel The Hive (Book acquired, 1 Feb. 2023) 📚 All games aspire to the condition of war | From McCarthy’s Blood Meridian 📚 The Embroiderer — Neo Rauch 📚 Blog about some weekend book browsing and book buying, other stuff 📚 The tale of the enemy padrino | From Cormac McCarthy’s novel Cities of the Plain 📚 “The Duel That Was Not Fought” — Stephen Crane 📚 Some people found the balloon “interesting” | Donald Barthelme 📚 Seated Woman with Small Dog — Meraud Guevara 📚 Kitty Pearson — Alice Neel 📚 Doomed! (Peanuts) 📚 Aug Stone’s The Ballad of Buttery Cake Ass (Book acquired, January 2023) 📚 We were in a pub and the guy just said, Why not call the band My Bloody Valentine? and we thought it would sound really silly, stupid 📚 February – Evelyn Dunbar 📚 No Sunday School — Eric Fischl 📚 Moonlight web, goodbye arms, so long head 📚 Lovers — Nancy Spero 📚 Blog about some recent reading 📚 Watch a 1977 PBS film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s The Gardener’s Son 📚 The Trees have Ears and the Field has Eyes — Hieronymus Bosch 📚 Riff on (re-)reading Cormac McCarthy’s The Crossing 📚 Martin Riker’s The Guest Lecture (Book acquired, early January 2023) 📚 The Inheritors — Salman Toor 📚 Seek some witness | A passage from Cormac McCarthy’s The Crossing 📚 “Old Movie” — William S. Burroughs 📚 I don’t see what’s being said here at all | William S. Burroughs 📚 Hare — Elisabeth Frink 📚 Suma — Cy Twombly 📚 Helen at the Scaean Gate — Gustave Moreau 📚 “Buried in Colorado All Alone” — Joy Williams 📚 The Expulsion from Paradise — Paco Pomet 📚 The Cage — Lawrence Daws 📚 Read Vladimir Sorokin’s beautiful, abject, horrifying story “Nastya” 📚 Farm — Chris Orr 📚 Beppe Fenoglio’s A Private Affair (Book acquired, 9 Jan. 2023) 📚 Salome with the Head of Saint John the Baptist — Andrea Solario 📚 Farce, then tragedy | A few thoughts on Osvaldo Soriano’s novel A Funny Dirty Little War 📚 The wolf had crossed the international boundary line at about the point where it intersected the thirtieth minute of the one hundred and eighth meridian | A passage from Cormac McCarthy’s novel The Crossing 📚 Free — Kenton Nelson 📚 Well, what happened there is a metaphor | William H. Gass 📚 The Prophecy — Kent Monkman 📚 Study of Hand — William Mulready 📚 Still Life with Plaster Head and Books — Felice Casorati 📚 Right Hand of Artemisia Gentileschi Holding a Brush –Pierre Dumonstier II 📚 Milk 0102 — Mu Pan 📚 Konstantin Paustovsky’s The Story of a Life (Book acquired, early January 2023) 📚 Interior with a Woman Combing a Little Girl’s Hair — Jacobus Vrel 📚 Four from Sublunary (Books acquired, 23 Dec. 2022) 📚 Fire Judges — Jean-Pierre Roy 📚 David Ohle’s Motorman (Book acquired, 23 Dec. 2022) 📚 Clever Hans — Natalie Frank 📚 All is telling | A passage from Cormac McCarthy’s The Crossing 📚 A Game of Children — Xiao Guo Hui 📚 A Fool and a Woman — Lucas van Leyden

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